Very few people will partake in the content of this blog mostly because there will be very few images. I had a blog ones before, in a time where most people was unaware what a blog was or atleast on how to create one. I had several thousands readers a day and no pictures since the camera phone had yet not been invented.

It sounds like I’m talking about the Stone Age but it was sometimes around 2004. At the time I was living in Gothenburg, in a relationship that was falling apart and I spent my days dreaming of bigger more exotic things.

But the actual point was that there were no pictures, not in my blog and not in others. It was a time when you could find beautiful words in creatively constructed sentences in those types of paragraphs that made you want to linger and bookmark.

I love words. I love well-constructed thoughts and opinions that are interesting because of an authentic personality not because the author is aiming to provoke the nation for increased comments and attention.

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