The best we can hope for is that this will schock the world enough to wake up those who usually just observe passivly from the sidelines. This might work as a wakeup call for those who never believed their vote mattered. Because one thing that Trump have succeeded with is to get the world’s attention even if it has been through some questionable actions and oppinions. Looking at it from another angle it could have been a bizarre PR stunt.

The future doesn’t currently promise butterflies and sunshine but maybe that’s what we all need to get out of a monotonous pattern that will wake up a drive for action even if it, for the single person, feels small and insignificant. Becasue together people are strong.

I just hope that all people out there far worse off than me, a white person from the fairly safe Scanidavian middle class, will be able to survive this earthcuake and come out stronger on the other side. I hope the people who do live under more safe circumstances and has voices that can be heard across a globe steps up and do what they can to speak and fight for those who can’t.

After Obama came to power the world felt so safe and taken care of that people just sat back and relaxed while they expected Obama to  sort out the misseries of the world. But it’s hard to do that on your own even if you are the president.

Maybe this will motivate people to educate themselves more and find knowledge outside their filtered Facebook feeds.

It’s good and highly vital that we all use the vote we have but it’s equally vital to know what we are voting for. Just look at what happened afer the Brexit election. As soon as the votes were counted people were schocked, regretted their votes and claimed that they had only voted out to “make a point”, to communicate some form of missery to the government. But in reality most people didn’t know what a “Brexit Out” ment and now many of them are hoping that the UK will go back on their decisision to leave the EU.

I don’t know what’s going to happen and I don’t feel fluffy-safe and calm about what’s coming. But I do have a creative and problem solving mind so now when we are in this we can’t go back, we can only look for the silverlinings and work with what we’ve got.


I assume no one has missed that today is the day when the world will change. It stands between two disasters. I have quite a while ago lost interest in the Trump debate and Hillary Clinton is to me quite a snooze. But of course now when it will actually be decided I am interested and slightly intrigued to witness the result.

Outside my window the snow is falling faster and deeper than I experienced in my hometown for a while and over there, in the big US votes are being placed and counted. I’m bursting with anticipation but I know I probably should be terrified. But what’s the point of fear? We have had bad people in power before. I was no big fan of George Bush either.

Whatever happens tonight I’m sure we’ll get through it.


Very few people will partake in the content of this blog mostly because there will be very few images. I had a blog ones before, in a time where most people was unaware what a blog was or atleast on how to create one. I had several thousands readers a day and no pictures since the camera phone had yet not been invented.

It sounds like I’m talking about the Stone Age but it was sometimes around 2004. At the time I was living in Gothenburg, in a relationship that was falling apart and I spent my days dreaming of bigger more exotic things.

But the actual point was that there were no pictures, not in my blog and not in others. It was a time when you could find beautiful words in creatively constructed sentences in those types of paragraphs that made you want to linger and bookmark.

I love words. I love well-constructed thoughts and opinions that are interesting because of an authentic personality not because the author is aiming to provoke the nation for increased comments and attention.